What stories can we all learn from?

Share your Rabbi Bulka story below.
Rabbi Bulka helps, supports, comforts, influences, and enhances the lives of so many people around the world, and we would like to collect these reflections, stories, and anecdotes. What does Rabbi Bulka mean to you? How has he changed or impacted you for the better? What stories can we all learn from? What makes Rabbi Bulka unique?

These reflections and stories will be sent immediately to Rabbi Bulka and his family to read, and will later be printed into a beautiful book for them. We will also publish a book that will be publically available to read and you will have a choice below if you would like to be included in this project or not.

We ask that you keep your submission to 250 words, and you can include attachments such as photos or other memories. We have also included "Categories" for you to select for your submission to allow us to better organize the book.

Thank you - we know how meaningful this book will be to Rabbi Bulka, his family, and the entire community as an everlasting testament to Canada’s Rabbi.

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